The gentle art of learning

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Apr 182015
The gentle art of learning

  This fall, all three of our children headed different directions for school.  Our daughter, Amberly, began her sophomore year at a private Christian High School.  Our middle, Jonah, continued homeschooling for seventh grade.  Our youngest, Benjamin, began the year attending fifth grade at our local public elementary school. This academic year has been a stretch.  Each child was subjected to different methods of learning.  Varied goals and standards were placed upon each one, according to their school’s philosophy of education.  We as a family scrambled to appease the education gods.   Learning has always been something that happened naturally [ …read full story ]

So you are thinking of Homeschooling….

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Sep 142014
So you are thinking of Homeschooling....

Are you thinking of Homeschooling? If you are even remotely thinking of homeschooling, here are some things to consider. Homeschooling is just like anything else in life that God might ask you to do.  It is a task.  It requires relationship.  It includes discipleship.  It requires discipline.  It’s a lot of fun. God would not call you to do something that He will not equip you to do.  You don’t have to be smart, organized, or perfect in any way, to homeschool.  If you are a parent, you can homeschool.  God will give you the wisdom you need to provide [ …read full story ]