The LOVE Series – Women’s Bible Study
Jodi Meiter – February, 2015
Arizona Community Church, Tempe, Arizona



1. Love For God

All of our relationships in life must be built on the foundation of God’s love for us, and our response to His love. When we love God, our life will look differently than before we knew Him. Our life should be a quest to get to know God better, and love Him more, so that we can more accurately reflect His love to the world.


2. Love in Marriage

The marriage relationship gives us a unique opportunity to show God’s love. We can learn God’s desire for our marriage relationship by studying His relationship with Israel, Christ’s relationship with the Church, and the love relationship describes in the Song of Songs. We show our love for God when we show His love to our spouse!


3. Love in the Body of Christ, Love for the World

God has placed believers in the Body of Christ so that they can minister to one another and show His love to the world. God wants us to be involved in using our spiritual gifts, serving, helping, and loving one another in the Body of Christ. God uses His church to bring about change in His people, and to inspire change in the world. The world will know that we are Christians by our love for one another. God is glorified when we show His love to the world, and when we are willing to lay down our lives for our friends.


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