Teenager ‘funk’ and all that good stuff

 Posted by on Sat, Oct 15, 2016
Oct 152016
Teenager 'funk' and all that good stuff

  Beginning the Teen years is one of the many milestones in the life of a parent.  In our family, “13” is an especially big birthday for our boys.  We have given gifts that encourage them to grow to ‘be a man.’ Assert some independence, take some risks, try out your talent, lean in to your creative side, and enjoy an area of life that has not ever been open to you before. For our firstborn son’s birthday, his dad bought him a dirt bike! Talk about feeling like ‘big stuff!!’ I’m not sure who was more excited, Jonah, or [ …read full story ]

Jul 242014
Traveling to SheSpeaks Conference in North Carolina

I headed for Starbucks in Sky Harbor before my flight to Raleigh, North Carolina. I was minding my own business (playing on my iPhone), when someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I knew the time. Turning around, I realized it was a familiar face, a friend from church! Instead of the time, I gave her a giant hug! She asked where I was going, and we discovered that she would be the flight attendant on my flight. After an hour delay, we boarded and got underway. I got through half of Michael Hyatt’s PLATFORM (highly recommend), and [ …read full story ]

The School Dilemma

 Posted by on Fri, Jul 18, 2014
Jul 182014
The School Dilemma

How do you decide where to send your child to school? The local public school, where the neighborhood kids go? Or private Christian school where you know they will get some good Bible teaching? Or maybe Homeschool, where you tailor the education to fit each one of your children? There are benefits to each type of educational environment and I wanted to share a few. This past school year, all of my children have been in different school settings. My oldest, Amberly, is attending a Private Christian High School. My middle, Jonah, is homeschooled. And my youngest, Benjamin, is attending [ …read full story ]

A New School Year

 Posted by on Mon, Aug 6, 2012
Aug 062012

It’s a new school year. The house is quiet. Plans are made. Schedules are set, routines are laid out. Kids are sleeping. Waiting and wondering what tomorrow will hold. I hold their tomorrow, and God holds me. A magnificent job when I look at it that way. I hold their environment. I hold their lifestyle. I hold their discipline. I hold their opportunities to grow, learn, stand, fail. I hold them. And I hold them dearly, and I hold them loosely. Its got to be a miraculous dance combination of sticking close and letting go. The books have arrived. We [ …read full story ]