Letting Go

 Posted by on Tue, Feb 28, 2017
Feb 282017
Letting Go

Dear Family and Friends, I’m writing to let you know that we are in the process of transitioning baby Garrett from our home to a new foster family that will plan to adopt him if Kara’s parental rights are severed. I’m writing to ask for prayer for all of us during this process. As you can imagine, ALL of us have gotten very attached to this baby love bug and we love him very much. We are trusting that this new family (Todd and Jennifer Wright, and son Matthew, age 6) will give him all the love and attention that [ …read full story ]

Lower your Expectations: Live with Grace

 Posted by on Mon, May 11, 2015
May 112015
Lower your Expectations:  Live with Grace

I had a happy Mother’s day.  No breakfast in bed, no foot rub, no special card or gift.  I’m not even sure anyone in my family told me happy Mother’s day until the afternoon.  Why am I okay with that? I’d like to think that with age, comes wisdom.  I’ve realized that with these special days, like Mother’s day, or my birthday, or even Christmas, I get MY hopes up and EXPECT someone or something to make me HAPPY. Thankfully, now that I have most likely lived half my life, I have realized the folly in this expectation.  I realized [ …read full story ]